TEN DIGIT Communications

TEN DIGIT Communications (“TEN DIGIT”) is the developer of a proprietary SMS Text Messaging platform that provides cost effective, innovative and transformational communications solutions for contact centers using existing landline and toll-free numbers. The TEN DIGIT contact center application assists contact center agents have productive text communications with customers, employees and partners. At the same time, the reduced effort and convenience provides higher customer satisfaction. Used with or without a third-party chat application, TEN DIGIT’s application supports text-based communications through expert coaching, data insights and conversation automation. 1. Increase Customer Satisfaction by reducing or eliminating any inconvenience to a customer and making the service conversation more personal and responsive. 2. Reduce or eliminate bottleneck and wait times caused by agents only being able to handle one call at a time. TEN DIGIT capitalizes on the asynchronous nature of text conversations and the ability for an agent to simultaneously service multiple customers, thereby driving significant cost savings. 3. Cost reduction initiatives, like IVR and off-shore labor, have negatively impacted customer satisfaction (“C-SAT”). TEN DIGIT’s platform drives substantial cost savings and facilitates: repatriation of labor; skills and experience-based routing; and historical continuity of customer experience in convenient text format; all of which drive improved C-SAT.

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Website: www.tendigitcommunications.com/