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CCO Exchange November 2017 Brochure

The Agenda for the Chief Customer Officer Exchange almost ready. In the meantime have a look at the November Agenda to get a feel for the kind of experience that the exchanges bring.

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CCW Digital Executive Customer Experience Report

You care about the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? CCW Digital’s Executive Report on the Customer Experience will answer that question. For the first time ever, we surveyed everyday consumers about what they demand when it comes to the customer experience. We then look at how businesses are approaching the customer experience.  Do they know what customers want?  And even if they do, are they able to actually deliver it?

 Questions answered in this report include:

  • How many bad experiences will make a customer switch to a competitor?
  • Will customers really pay more for a good experience?
  • What are customers’ Top 5 demands when interacting with a business?
  • What factors prevent businesses from meeting those demands?
  • What are the most common customer complaints?
  • How well do businesses respond to customer feedback?
  • How do customers really feel about calling for customer service?

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Lessonly Report - Rethink the Contact Center, Evaluate Customer Experience

Always valuable, agent training initiatives are particularly crucial right now. With self-service increasingly handling simple transactions, agents will focus more heavily on deep, nuanced, unpredictable interactions with customers. They must develop the requisite skills.
This briefing reveals how to cultivate those skills while also emphasizing business efficiency. You’ll develop agents who are more customer-centric and more productive.
Topics include:

  • Why the value of training goes behind skill development
  • Five mistakes contact centers make when training agents
  • Five ways to elevate your training strategy
  • Case studies: how Vox Mobile and Birchbox improved agent development

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CCW Digital Special Report - Workforce Management

Employees are the lifeblood of the customer experience strategy. They represent the link between the business and its customers, and their actions before, during and after each interaction define the overall quality of the experience. If an organization wants to cultivate loyal customers instead of creating angry ones, it therefore needs to empower the workforce to perform.

Featuring CCW Digital research, expert analysis and perspectives from world-class executives, this report will help you foster that productive, customer-centric workforce. Topics include:

  • 7 trends affecting workforce management
  • The top 3 priorities for contact center performance
  • The top 3 challenges inhibiting contact center performance
  • 12 ways to elevate workforce management
  • How to improve contact center training
  • How culture impacts workforce management

CCW Digital Special Report - Multilingual Experience

The answer to all such questions is a resounding “not good.” A multilingual engagement strategy will help you remedy that problem. This special report investigates that endeavor. More importantly, it reveals how to successfully launch a multilingual strategy.
Topics include:

  • Why multilingual engagement matters in today’s market
  • How does the rise of omnichannel impact multilingual strategy?
  • 5 goals of a multilingual strategy
  • A quiz to determine the best multilingual approach for your business
  • 6 solutions for multilingual engagement – and how to optimize them

CCW Digital Special Report - Future of CX Employees

How can we prepare agents for this future in which they have to more meaningfully connect with customers during more challenging conversations?
This report has the answers:
Why the rise of technology is really the rise of the employee

  • 8 requirements for a great contact center agent
  • 4 ways to prepare contact center agents for the future
  • 5 tips for increasing agent satisfaction
  • 4 reasons to reconsider outsourcing

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Event Materials

Top Sessions at the November Chief Customer Officer Exchange

Your Challenges, Answered!

Through extensive research of our CX community, we have identified Digitizing the Entire Customer Journey, Retaining and Developing the Talent and Making Customer Experience Operating System are some of the challenges of today’s CX Leaders. Download this content piece to see who else is speaking on other current issues.

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What Kept of November Delegates Up At Night?

Chief Customers Officers arguably have one of the toughest jobs in the C-Suite. They are tasked with the impossible; understand the customers - no matter how different they are, and then make them happy. They are tasked with understanding their workforce - no matter how different their responsibilities, and keeping them trained and happy. They are given mounds of data and surveys in efforts to create actionable plans for digital transformations, branding and content initiatives, self-service tools, and omnichannel capabilities continue to humanize the customer journey. 

The attendees that joined us this November expressed a number of challenges and opportunities they were looking to bridge in 2018. Collectively as a group, what was discovered is that the challenges in the market were very similar across industries and verticles. 

Here are some of the challenges our Chief Customer Officers face and top areas they looked to invest. Do you see value in this investment plans? Join us in May to speak about what improvements are most important to your upcoming initiatives.

Customer Journeys are all the rave

Chief Customer Officers have to sleep too - but how can they with CX changing rapidly. This is yet another example of how the Exchange format quiets the noisy vendor market and strategically brings the leading providers who have state of the art solutions that change ease the minds and transitions of our guests. 

In this investment report, you will find investment priorities in vendor categories such as:

  • Brand Communication and Strategic Consulting
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Data Analytics
  • and Contact Center Solutions

Special thanks to the solution providers who came onsite to assist with these challenges.
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Exclusive Interview with Kim Massana

Kim Massana, Global Head of Customer Experience for Thomson Reuters, has taken a few moments to deliver this exclusive interview with the Customer Management Practice Team. Kim came to the Chief Customer Officer Exchange this past November to deliver an intimate fireside chat on how Digitizing the Entire Customer Journey is the Future of Customer Experience Management. 

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